Common Power Tool Accidents And Safety Precautions

Here are some of the common power tools accidents and safety precautions that you should taken when using them. Safety should be of the utmost importance and the risk of an accident is very real.

Thousands of injuries caused by power tools are reported each year and should not be taken likely because they are real. You can help to reduce that number by using each power tool as it is intended to as outlined by the manufacturer and follow their recommendations and the proper safety procedure when you are operating it.

The most common power tool accidents are finger injuries, ranging from minor cuts to some individuals losing their finger/s in some cases. The index and middle finger are the two most fingered involved in those accidents reported with the most common power tool culprit being the power saw.

One of the simplest safety precaution to take has always been ignored in many cases. The majority of power tool accidents is due to the fact that the power source has not been removed while changing out a tool bit. No matter how experienced you may be, it only takes a short time to unplug your power tool from its power source. For those battery powered power tools, you may want to remove the battery first. This short inconvenience is worth many times over in exchange for your safety.

Cords of power tools is another safety issue with the cord lying all over in the open waiting for someone to trip over it. The other potential problem is if you operate any type of power tool that has a cord, is to make sure you check the power cords from time to time to see if they are frayed to eliminate any chance of being electrocuted and keep them out of wet area and places where liquid can accidentally be spilled on them

Please use your power tools with care because accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Tripping, slipping, falling with one in hand can result in some serious injuries where you don’t think is possible.
Try to ensure your work area is as secure as possible, ladders properly stored and not working a slippery or unstable surface. In our real world, not all work areas or situations are under the ideal circumstances so please be cautious and use with common sense.

The above common power tool accidents and safety precautions are a reminder that power tools are dangerous and must be operated with care and responsibility. Manufacturers of these tools are also striving to make them as robust and least dangerous as possible to hep reduce the risk of using them. So lets all play our part and make power tools safer to use and a safer world.